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… and a park ridge with a pear-shaped tree-like thing

Growing along one of the hillier trails in the park, one clump of bright green moss suggested both a plump pear and a rather squatty evergreen.

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Figure of preach

Looking a bit like a mutant bell pepper, this Matango-esque seed head is just the topper for the exuberant woodland stick figure formed by a Jack-in-the-pulpit. (Earlier post about the leafier stage of this kind of plant.)

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Ice aged

Encased in ice, layers of leaves and other woodland debris were also frozen in time like a scratched and faded silver print.

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Tangled up in pink

Not sure what the real story is here, but this small punky willow with spiky green dos seems to be literally captivated by its more elegant (if clinging) pink-blossomed companion.

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Wood deer

More deer grazing through the woods at twilight in a different area of the park. These five were close enough to the footpath to be seen,  but the group had a few more members that melted into the grey trees beyond & were … Continue reading

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Maple magic wands

These clusters of tiny flowers were emerging from tree buds like bouquets puffing out of a magician’s wand. On the right arm of the vertical Y branch, an ant checks out the show. (No marker for this one, but it may be … Continue reading

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