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Circle line cruising

For a member of a typically more skittish clan, this young woodchuck was uncharacteristically at ease among people. Mostly, though, he seemed intent on exploring a small patch of grass — moving in large, clockwise circles as he went & … Continue reading

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Wood churning oven

This little Ovenbird seemed rather social — or at least unconcerned with our presence. It sat still on a nearby branch for a while, then later flicked up the leaf-litter looking for bugs while we walked alongside.

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Deer creek meet

Walking one of the less traveled paths that runs along a creek, we spooked a deer who was either getting a drink or cooling its toes — or both. Its friend on the bank looked rather surprised to see us … Continue reading

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Insects and Peppermints

Like a fuzzy mint confection, this Wool sower gall was a sweet treat for the eyes. Created by the Wool sower wasp (Callirhytis seminator) — or by its grubs — it’s apparently not dangerous to its host (a White oak, … Continue reading

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Buckeye candy

Beautifully colored and patterned, this Common buckeye butterfly (Junonia coenia) brightened the brown-gray field floor nicely.

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Beginning to see the leaf

Although they look more like pink flowers, I think these fleshy lobes along the stem may be the emerging leaves — perhaps those of a Black cherry tree (Prunus serotina).

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Eastern freebie

Blending in with the smooth gray tree trunks & charcoal shadows, this little Eastern phoebe was still noticeable as it groomed, preened, and perch-posed — a nice complimentary performance.

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