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Frozen treat

On one of the few snowy days so far this year, a sprightly sprig of pine tags formed an impromptu cup for a wintry confection.

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Little red gliding hoods

On a chilly afternoon, a couple of male Redheads (Aythya Americana) enjoyed paddling around a thawed section of the lake. A nearby Canada goose looked on — perhaps with admiration for the rusty cinnamon noggins.

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Glacial growth rings

Franklin Lake had a thin glaze, although a few parts remained liquidly supple. Here and there, small petals of ice blossomed along reedy stems.

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Lower the Brown Lantern

Caught upright on some dry briars, a large leaf formed a daytime beacon on the forest floor as the sun shone through its veined parchment. Might be from a Red oak tree (Quercus rubra).

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Natural tree ornaments

A sizable group of buzzards festooned a few trees in the park, creating their own ‘Nightmare-Before-Christmas’-style decorations. I think these were all Black vultures (Coragyps atratus), but there may have been some Turkey vultures among them.

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An early frosting

This odd fungus was rather eye-catching, as it looked as if someone had taken a bag of white icing and piped it in swirls around some low stems.

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Yellow journal, is ’em

More amber autumn notes, this time composed by a Katsura tree.

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