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Brief Encounter of the Ocher Kind

Along one of the forest paths, clusters of yellow-capped mushrooms seemed to sprout up overnight. Within a few days, they were gone. Might be a type of Honey fungus (Armillariella mellea).

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Magic creep show

Becoming practically invisible when seen from behind against dark bark, this little Brown creeper (Certhia americana) was hard to spot — a bit less cryptic if seeing its white underparts from the side or while in flight from tree to … Continue reading

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Golden Ploy

Enjoying the flowering goldenrod along with any number of other insects, this fly looked like a couple of other diners, including yellow jacket and locust borer beetle. Hover fly, Eastern hornet fly, wasp-mimic flower fly — whatever common name it … Continue reading

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Laying by ear

Lying down within a tall patch of weedy greens, this deer was mostly hidden from view — not far off the path, but virtually invisible if not for its aural appendages.

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How Green Was My Katydid

Master of disguise — or at least of leafy mimicry — this palish green Katydid (I think) was hard to spot in passing, even though it took up a good portion of the real estate offered by a large Japanese … Continue reading

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Fewer than fifty shades of black(berry)

In a few bramble patches around the lake, blackberries were in varying degrees of ripeness — from red-flag tart, through wine-tinged temptation, to an inky invitation to sweetness. These are probably Common or Allegheny blackberries (Rubus allegheniensis).

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Wheel of becoming

Seems to be the season for damselfly get togethers. This pair of Familiar bluets (Enallagma civile) wasn’t the only couple around Franklin Lake making an effort to continue their species.

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