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… and a park ridge with a pear-shaped tree-like thing

Growing along one of the hillier trails in the park, one clump of bright green moss suggested both a plump pear and a rather squatty evergreen.

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Where the wild things were

Well off the paved paths and into the snow-filled woods, we came across several groupings of shallow bowls where the local deer had sheltered the night before. An intriguing if brief look into their private community.

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Alms for the spore

Soft, beige mushroomy mittens held out offerings of snow to the rest of the forest. Perhaps something like Birch polypore (Piptoporus betulinus), these bracket fungi were growing on a tree deep within a wooded part of the park.

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Ice aged

Encased in ice, layers of leaves and other woodland debris were also frozen in time like a scratched and faded silver print.

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Look what’s cookin’

Like a tiny rooster, this Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla) friskily paraded his way around the woodland floor. After a brief stroll, he found a branchy stage for his courtship concert.

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Funky fungus farm

A fallen tree played host to a plot of green and white fungus laid out in neat rows as if by a tiny plow. They seemed to have formed over the natural hash marks of the bark and culminated in … Continue reading

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Forest fire & ice

Part of the frozen wooded wetland area seemed to be lit from below by small fires set by the fading sun.

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