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Beach blanket flamingo

A variety of wild rose is daubing some of the dunes at Sandy Hook with different shades of pink paint splotches.

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Peppermint bumbershoots

The wispy white filaments of these Mountain laurel blossoms (Kalmia latifolia) extend like the ribs of candy-cane-colored cocktail umbrellas.

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Trolling for wildflowers

Quite unexpectedly came across a lovely patch of yellow wildflowers growing along a ridge trail that rises above Swimming River Reservoir. I believe these are Trout lilies (perhaps Erythronium americanum), apparently so named due to the mottled coloring of the … Continue reading

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Incandescent bright bulbs

Marking the entrance to a narrow deer path, these daffodils (genus Narcissus) seemed somewhat out of place along a less traveled and otherwise unadorned park trail.

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Photon-filled demitasse

A single sunlit trumpet of Hedge bindweed (Convolvulus sepium) was sitting low in front a group of marsh grass like a dainty porcelain cup of liquified light waiting to be drunk.

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Pyrotechnic powderpuffs

Like a fireworks display frozen in space, the buds of this Japanese meadowsweet or spiraea (Spiraea japonica) are caught in mid bloom explosion, their long fuchsia filaments spraying out like sparkling streamers.

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Puffs of cotton-candy air

Nothing like the sweet summery scent of honeysuckle to wash away the years & carry you back to simpler, petal-tasting days. (Not sure which type of Lonicera this is.)

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