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Random Harvestbells

Scattered here and there along the quarry lake of Plainsboro Preserve, Harvestbells or Soapwort gentian (Gentiana saponaria) added even more oomph to an already beautiful Fall day. Some groupings varied in color, presenting a soft serving of frosted blueberry & … Continue reading

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Blue bell-shaped bird calls

Part of the pea family, pretty purple & blue Bird vetch (Vicia cracca) hung like soft bells plinking a sweet tune here and there across a meadow.

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Like cupped rays of pale blue moonlight, these Chicory flowers (Cichorium intybus) were practically glowing along the edges of the park trail.

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True baby blues

A lovely field of these incredibly petite flowers — perhaps True or Water forget-me-nots (Myosotis scorpioides) —¬†formed something of a low hedge between the marsh reeds and a paved park path.

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Dayflower power

One person’s invasive weed is another’s beautiful blue wildflower, an Asiatic dayflower (Commelina communis) in this case. A ubiquitous and annoying annual to some, it can be transformed into something more majestic by just focusing on one bloom at a … Continue reading

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