Migrate expectations

Cape May . . .

. . . crusader

Flitting around on a seaside cedar tree, this Cape May warbler (Setophaga tigrina) was more intent on finding insects than tempted by berries. While there, he raided a spider web for its ready-made prey (or perhaps the spider itself).

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Prickly royal intrigue

Monarch vs. Mantis

As a Monarch butterfly was sipping nectar from the thready head of a Field thistle (Cirsium discolor), some type of mantis lay in wait among the thorny leaves. Luckily for the Monarch, it decided to fly off before it became the mantid’s breakfast. Might be a Chinese mantis (Tenodera sinensis).

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Brown out (and about)

Mindful eyeful

Curled into something like an Om symbol turned on its side, this small snake had the opposite of a calming effect — but only because of its sudden & unexpected appearance practically underfoot. This little slitherer may be a Northern Brown (DeKay’s) Snake (Storeria dekayi dekayi).

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Circle line cruising

Outside Dizzy Clover

For a member of a typically more skittish clan, this young woodchuck was uncharacteristically at ease among people. Mostly, though, he seemed intent on exploring a small patch of grass — moving in large, clockwise circles as he went & gobbling up clover tops along the way.

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Wood churning oven

Lovin’ the oven(bird)

This little Ovenbird seemed rather social — or at least unconcerned with our presence. It sat still on a nearby branch for a while, then later flicked up the leaf-litter looking for bugs while we walked alongside.

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Deer creek meet

Runnel run-in

Walking one of the less traveled paths that runs along a creek, we spooked a deer who was either getting a drink or cooling its toes — or both. Its friend on the bank looked rather surprised to see us as well. A second later, another deer in the creek appeared and both bounded up the embankment.

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Sing Out Mister

Open mouth treble

Along a narrow section of land separating the reservoir from a nearby protected wetland, this little Warbling vireo was singing for all it was worth.

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