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Frozen treat

On one of the few snowy days so far this year, a sprightly sprig of pine tags formed an impromptu cup for a wintry confection.

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Glacial growth rings

Franklin Lake had a thin glaze, although a few parts remained liquidly supple. Here and there, small petals of ice blossomed along reedy stems.

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The Short and Winding Road

Patches of park ice were scattered throughout the woods in the now rootless depressions of fallen trees, their surfaces etched with lines and showing pockets of trapped air. In this case, it was like looking down at a curvy two-lane … Continue reading

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And the kitchen sink

Perhaps washed ashore during a recent nor’easter, this steel basin stuck out like a shiny sore thumb among the sand, shells, and smaller debris along a beach on Sandy Hook.

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Ashen abstract landscape

The heavy snow today turned the view across one of the park playing fields into a muted monochromatic Mark Rothko painting.

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False fog cloud field

Fresh morning droplets settled on wispy field grasses like a ground-level cloud covering parts of a meadow.

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Bewitching powder

With temperatures above 80 today, the four-ish inches of snow that fell only last week seem a distant memory. While it lasted, though, the crystal covering turned both woods & bog into a magical snow globe and made an ordinary … Continue reading

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