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Fantail primp

Still damp from its bath, a Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) perched & preened on a stick.

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An early frosting

This odd fungus was rather eye-catching, as it looked as if someone had taken a bag of white icing and piped it in swirls around some low stems.

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Yellow journal, is ’em

More amber autumn notes, this time composed by a Katsura tree.

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A plot of gold

Yellow flecks of a different sort dotted a grassy area today, as tiny Golden-crowned kinglets dabbled among the fallen leaves. They seemed unconcerned with admirers and would approach the path at will.

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Laying by ear

Lying down within a tall patch of weedy greens, this deer was mostly hidden from view — not far off the path, but virtually invisible if not for its aural appendages.

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See sawfly

A small sawfly (perhaps in the Tenthredininae family) marched all over the much larger leaves of a milkweed plant, here exploring the area near the pink-purple midrib of the leaf.

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Home sweet turtle home

Not sure what the odds are of it being true, but we hope this large turtle basking on the creek bank is the grown up version of the tiny one we rescued from a nearby street a few years ago. … Continue reading

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