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Yellow journal, is ’em

More amber autumn notes, this time composed by a Katsura tree.

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Brief Encounter of the Ocher Kind

Along one of the forest paths, clusters of yellow-capped mushrooms seemed to sprout up overnight. Within a few days, they were gone. Might be a type of Honey fungus (Armillariella mellea).

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Golden Ploy

Enjoying the flowering goldenrod along with any number of other insects, this fly looked like a couple of other diners, including yellow jacket and locust borer beetle. Hover fly, Eastern hornet fly, wasp-mimic flower fly — whatever common name it … Continue reading

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Fewer than fifty shades of black(berry)

In a few bramble patches around the lake, blackberries were in varying degrees of ripeness — from red-flag tart, through wine-tinged temptation, to an inky invitation to sweetness. These are probably Common or Allegheny blackberries (Rubus allegheniensis).

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Let a ‘shroom be your umbrella

Just waiting to embellish an exotic cocktail, these umbrella-shaped mushrooms chose the middle of a woodchip path to come up. Might be in the genus Parasola (perhaps Parasola auricoma).

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Still waters

A bit of birch log submerged in one of the park creeks created a rather ghostly image — resting on the blackened leaves of previous winters, with the lacework of reflected bare branches covering it like a translucent shroud.

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Once again, the hardy Snowdrop makes its appearance during an almost-Spring snowfall. Despite the icy environs, a few dewy drops of snowmelt hinted at warmer times to come. [Previous Snowdrop post.]

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