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The Tiny Humpback of Noted Game

Playing the camouflage card by looking much like a leaf itself — savoy cabbage comes to mind — this tiny Planthopper (possibly Acanalonia conica) found ample room for roaming on the comparatively larger platform provided by a Japanese knotwood bush.

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Fantail primp

Still damp from its bath, a Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) perched & preened on a stick.

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Little warbler is the Prairie

Prairie warblers (Setophaga discolor) were doing a fairly thorough job of scouring the trees for insect edibles, the leaves painting their yellow feathers with a touch of light green.

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Wichety lineman

A cheerful sound of the summer to come, the ‘wichety-wichety-wichety’ song of the male Common yellowthroat could be heard along several of the paths in Weltz Park. Most of the little bandit-masked fellows were heard but not seen, keeping hidden … Continue reading

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Velvet blue

Tiny Eastern tailed-blue butterflies wafted around the meadow like pieces of cobalt confetti.

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Attention, K(estrel)-mart shopper

A cute but deadly hunter, this male American kestrel (Falco sparverius) watched alertly from the top of various short trees around a meadow scanning for tiny food stuffs to fill his lunch cart.

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Little red gliding hoods

On a chilly afternoon, a couple of male Redheads (Aythya Americana) enjoyed paddling around a thawed section of the lake. A nearby Canada goose looked on — perhaps with admiration for the rusty cinnamon noggins.

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