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Where the sidewalker ends

Skittering sideways across a beach at Sandy Hook, this little crab — a juvenile Atlantic ghost crab (Ocypode quadrata), I think — was noticeable primarily by its movement. When standing still, its almost transparent yet sand-mottled body rendered it practically … Continue reading

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False fog cloud field

Fresh morning droplets settled on wispy field grasses like a ground-level cloud covering parts of a meadow.

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Stripy leaf-stripper

Very near the end of the particular leaf it was enjoying, this Monarch caterpillar somehow managed to hold on to what little stalk was left to reach the last few mouthfuls of milkweed.

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Welcome to the orange club

Perched atop a branch of Winged sumac, this Common wood-nymph (Cercyonis pegala) may have been just soaking up the late summer sun and letting its orange-clubbed antennae enjoy the soft breeze.

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Giuseppe Verdigris-eyed monster

Backlit by goldenrod, Panicledleaf ticktrefoil (Desmodium paniculatum) stood out despite being so slender. Like alien heads with glowing jade eyes, the tiny flowers oddly resembled a purple version of Crow T. Robot (MST3K) holding pea-shaped opera glasses.

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