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The Secret of Nymph

Looking something like a squishy flying saucer, this Green stink bug nymph (perhaps Chinavia halaris) held a precarious-looking but steady position as half its body seemed to float in space at the edge of a leaf.

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Sentry park

This lone stalk of Moth mullein (Verbascum blattaria) was poised like a purple-faced scarecrow standing guard over a field in Tatum Park.

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Great crested eyecatcher

Just here for the summer to breed and hang out, the Great crested flycatcher (Myiarchus crinitus) makes quite an impression due to its relatively large size and sun-colored underside.

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A Weed Called Horsefly

A few outcroppings of Horseflyweed or Wild indigo (Baptisia tinctoria) added a welcoming sprig of sunny color to a parched patch of meadow between two wooded trails at Charleston Springs.

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