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Assassination fascination

Waiting for some prey to glide by, this Bee assassin (Apiomerus crassipes) has a more varied diet than its name would indicate. Beetles, flies, mosquitos, and other unlucky flitters all fall onto the menu. The bright orange outline & highlights … Continue reading

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Thinking outside, the box

Weltz Park was fairly alive with turtle action this spring. From large to small, the ever thoughtful-looking Eastern box turtles popped up in various spots along the meadow & main entrance paths. The bigger one here shows the red eye … Continue reading

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Still magnolias

Magnolia warblers (Setophaga magnolia) were everywhere one spring day on Sandy Hook, including both the beach and woodland areas. The males seemed especially abundant, or at least conspicuous — and quite dashing in their bright yellow, striped waistcoats & domino … Continue reading

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Peppermint bumbershoots

The wispy white filaments of these Mountain laurel blossoms (Kalmia latifolia) extend like the ribs of candy-cane-colored cocktail umbrellas.

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Hide & peek

Staying down and mostly out of sight, this new fawn was only 10 or 12 feet off one of the main park paths. Even so, it was well camouflaged and hard to spot unless you knew where to look.

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Cuckoo for caterpillars

Both Yellow-billed cuckoos (Coccyzus americanus) and the more elusive Black-billed variety (Coccyzus erythropthalmus) have been making the most of this year’s bumper crop of tent caterpillars. Orioles, Blue jays, Common grackles and other birds have been taking advantage of the … Continue reading

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