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Citizen Crane

Dangling from the tip of a woodland fern, this Phantom crane fly (perhaps Bittacomorpha clavipes) was the picture of grace and equilibrium as it balanced itself by deftly maneuvering its slender two-tone legs.

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The Raiser’s Fledge

Not long out of the nest and probably not quite ready for full flight, this little Gray catbird fledgling was hopping from low branch to low branch. After a few minutes, one of its parents came by with a snack.

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A few stems of Greater celandine (Chelidonium majus) provided heady, bright highlights to a mostly shady wooded path.

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Mo’ hawk

Looking something like an acrobat on a high wire, this Red-tailed hawk managed to balance its hefty frame on a comparatively skinny tree by using controlled swaying and precision wing adjustments.

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Bee all live in a yellow sulpherine

Whether or not it actually lives there, a tiny bee was enjoying the tasty offerings of this pretty pale yellow Sulphur cinquefoil flower (Potentilla recta).

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Breathe deep, the gathering groom

Last month & earlier, the resident muskrats of the small swamp pond were hard at work, keeping longer hours than their preferred dusk-dawn shift. At first only one seemed to be gathering the greens & bringing them back to the … Continue reading

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Beach blanket flamingo

A variety of wild rose is daubing some of the dunes at Sandy Hook with different shades of pink paint splotches.

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Assassination fascination

Waiting for some prey to glide by, this Bee assassin (Apiomerus crassipes) has a more varied diet than its name would indicate. Beetles, flies, mosquitos, and other unlucky flitters all fall onto the menu. The bright orange outline & highlights … Continue reading

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Thinking outside, the box

Weltz Park was fairly alive with turtle action this spring. From large to small, the ever thoughtful-looking Eastern box turtles popped up in various spots along the meadow & main entrance paths. The bigger one here shows the red eye … Continue reading

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Still magnolias

Magnolia warblers (Setophaga magnolia) were everywhere one spring day on Sandy Hook, including both the beach and woodland areas. The males seemed especially abundant, or at least conspicuous — and quite dashing in their bright yellow, striped waistcoats & domino … Continue reading

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