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Sweet-gum mesclun

The ground under a couple of trees was strewn with a jumble of the prickly dried fruits and bright green, grape-bunch flowers of an American sweet gum, with cherry petals thrown in for an eye-appealing mixed tree salad.

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Do the funky heron

Like a colorful yet majestic rubber chicken, this Green heron strikes quite the figure with the crest feathers raised. Soon after this one flew into the marsh, another one emerged from nearby reedy grasses.

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Seeing stars

Just at the very entrance to Weltz Park, a white sprinkling of Star-of-Bethlehem(Ornithogalum umbellatum) formed a floral welcoming committee.

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Land snail ho!

This terrestrial, shell-backed crawler was making its way down one of the unpaved paths of the Ramanessin section of Holmdel Park. Like a sleek, gray muscle, it pulled itself through the grass & weeds with apparent aplomb.

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How much wood would a woodchuck climb?

While certainly adept little climbers, woodchucks are usually seen grazing on the ground rather than perching on a branch fairly high in a tree like this one. Frightened by something or looking for food? Maybe he just liked the view.

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Cantaloupe eye land

Usually found foraging for insects higher up in the trees, a few Blackburnian warblers (Setophaga fusca) decided to try their luck picking through leaves on the woodland floor. With a bright fiestaware face, swarthy mask, and natty black-and-white togs, this … Continue reading

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Double your fun

The sycamore-lined entrance path to Weltz Park is booming with baby squirrels — at least three in one tree, and these two in another. Curious and cute, at least for now they’re sticking close to their tree-cavity homes.

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The urge to merge with the spurge of the spring

Small batches of Cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias) lined one of the sand dune paths near the North Pond on Sandy Hook. With an underpinning of straight, narrow leaves suggesting stubby pine needles, its outer reaches exploded into bright yellow cloud … Continue reading

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