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Long tail sally

Adorned with small clumps of dirt from its under-log habitat, this little Salamander looked like a wriggly bit of earthworm at first. With a total body length of no more than two inches, its tiny legs were the size of … Continue reading

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Killer clown wigs from outer space

Like playdough pushed through a sieve, orange fungus oozed from Cedar-apple rust galls, creating a clownish yet alien look on an Eastern red cedar. Not content with just one host, spores from these squishy fingers may infect apple and other … Continue reading

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Two snaps and a twist

Two enormous Snapping turtles — probably males — were writhing, clawing, and definitely snapping in the marsh pond. With shells alone a foot or more in length, these two adversaries were formidable fighters, presumably vying for territory and/or mates.

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Henbit part

A few stems of this lovely little flower were growing just by the side of the road near the library meadow. A member of the mint family, its name — Henbit deadnettle (Lamium amplexicaule) — sounds more ominous than its … Continue reading

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Feathery flag semaphore flourishes

As part of the preening ritual, one of this Canada goose pair spread & rotated its wings in a fringe-filled flaunt. The fluid wing movements suggested any number of analogous activities, including symphony conducting, football refereeing, and naval flag signaling.

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