Monthly Archives: December 2015

Limb by limn

The afternoon sun lit up the fuzzy fibers along the stem and branches of this scraggly little tree or shrub, bringing it and its scattered red berries to life.

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Entropy trophy

Sagging a bit since it was built late last spring, this oriole’s nest is still hanging in there, helped along by some sturdy cellophane threads. (The same nest when it was occupied.)

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Gall stars

Packed with tiny powder blue worlds of juniper berries, the cosmic environs of this Eastern red cedar tree were suffering the invasion of some large aliens in the form of dimpled, brown cedar-apple rust galls. (Previous post featuring a red … Continue reading

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Cloud forest

Some floating above the tree line, others partially obscured by the bare-branch picket fence of the winter woods, these afternoon clouds transformed the sky into a Maxfield Parrish painting.

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A thornfree lunch

Gingerly contorting its head and tongue, this deer tried to get the berries of a Barberry bush (Berberis vulgaris) while avoiding its barbs. Only one or two feet from one of the main park paths, this diner was undaunted by … Continue reading

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