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Creamsicle crawler

Elegantly cloaked in colorful kimono wings, slender Ailanthus webworm moths (Atteva aurea) were sipping nectar from clusters of White snakeroot flowers (Ageratina altissima). Despite their bright coloring, the white-flower wing patterns blended well with their host plants making them easy … Continue reading

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Boxer sorts

With a few chinks in his shelly armor, this Eastern box turtle looked as though he’d been around the block a few times. (May be the same turtle seen in that park last year.)

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The old flower trick

Performing their end of summer magic, Goldenrod flowers (perhaps Gray goldenrod, Solidago nemoralis) are transforming bright yellow petals into fluffy white flyaways.

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Fawntastic Two

Lots of fawns in the park this year, with 13 being the highest number spotted during one walk. These two were probably siblings, or possibly cousins. Either way, they seemed to be fond of each other.

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