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Snap happy

At first sight, this tiny turtle (3 inches long at most) looked like a dry leaf moving slowly across a road by the park. As it was in an unsuitable situation (cars, cement curbs, storm drains), we moved it to … Continue reading

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Dream boa

A mass of feathery feelers, the soft head of this Rabbitfoot clover (Trifolium arvense) looks like a wispy world unto itself.

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Bringin’ home the buggy bacon

Hard at work gathering insects last month, this little songbird — a Warbling vireo (Vireo gilvus), I think — had tiny mouths to feed.

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Turkish delight

A bit off the path and with some pods yet to open, this Turk’s-cap lily (Lilium superbum) wasn’t quite at peak dazzle. Still, the open flowers in flaming free fall demanded attention.

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Rabbit run

After a few minutes of sitting still, this young Eastern cottontail bunny decided picture time was over.

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Bee fly by

A tiny bee fly decorated with racing stripes (perhaps Poecilognathus unimaculatus) checked out some Hoary alyssum flowers (Berteroa incana) and decided they’d do for a quick pit-stop snack.

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Red-eye navy

A fair number of American oystercatchers (Haematopus palliates) were nesting, resting, feeding, and frolicking at different points out on Sandy Hook last month. Looking almost unreal with carrot-like bills and tangerine eyes, they stood out in the crowd of less … Continue reading

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