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Aromatic art in the park

On a bed of straw-like weeds, this grouping of Skunk cabbage formed its own little sculpture park. (Earlier posts about skunk cabbages.)

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King of the bill

Flaunting some of the biggest bills on the lake, Northern shovelers (Anas clypeata) make a stately sight as they glide through the water.

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Eye-pleasing drops

What a difference a day makes — well, two days. With a bit of Friday’s white blanket still in the background, a floral carpet of Snowdrops (genus Galanthus, possibly Galanthus nivalis) filled the foreground. Hanging like badminton birdies, the pretty … Continue reading

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Spring snoward

While not a typical first day of Spring around here, it’s certainly been a memorable one.

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High rise house hunters

This osprey pair (female at right, I think) seemed to be checking out this lower light tower as a possible nesting site. The sale isn’t final, though, as they may choose one of the taller signal towers instead, which still … Continue reading

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Trick kite treats

Like two koi kites dangling from a pole or long paper lanterns lit from within, these copper-colored leaves floated in the sunshine at the end of an otherwise bare stem.

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Dis sap peering act

Providing a little spot of sunshine on an otherwise grey day, this attractive Yellow-bellied sapsucker (Sphyrapicus varius) was limb-walking in search of syrupy deposits, or maybe a few bugs. Sporting some splendid duds — bright yellow waistcoat with red cap … Continue reading

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Den bother

Just about a week ago, the Red fox (Vulpes fulva) who lives here had to dig out his entryway just like everyone else in the area. Maybe like most, too, he’s hoping that the snow is behind us at this … Continue reading

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Will jitter for bugs

In one of the few cleared spots in Weltz Park, this thrush (a Hermit thrush, I think) performed a modest dance: tapping its right foot, listening for some response, then making the occasional beak-strike. (Earlier post about a Hermit thrush.)

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The jagged edge

Thin, icy knives jabbing out from the sides sliced into the water that was still running through the middle of a creek.

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