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Wren pal

This Carolina wren was one of two that were hanging around the old wooden tower at one end of the park. While its companion checked out higher ground, this one inspected a narrow, cave-like recess at the base of a … Continue reading

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Glimmer plain

Alternately shimmery and shadowy, pockets of powdery snow formed low desert-like dunes across a park path.

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Watchduck on duty

With much of the swampy area iced over, these mallards sheltered in a nearby creek. As the others tucked their heads in to rest, one female stayed alert, presumably keeping an eye out for trouble.

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A lovely winter prospect was growing along one side of a large fallen tree just off the path around Manasquan Reservoir. Colorful groupings of fungi and lichens, a bit of leftover snow, and a few wispy weeds in front provided … Continue reading

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In the cat-bird seat

Even from a distance and through a cloudy array of view-blurring branches and twigs, this Great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) was an impressive sight. Its shadowy contour mimicked a large black cat sitting calmly in the treetops.

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Frostbitten sky

Smudged by cloud cover, bleached by snow glare, and framed with sweetgum silhouettes, the sun hung white, low, and frosty in the late afternoon.

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Where the wild things were

Well off the paved paths and into the snow-filled woods, we came across several groupings of shallow bowls where the local deer had sheltered the night before. An intriguing if brief look into their private community.

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