Firelit alighter

Simmering skimmer

Simmering skimmer

Brushed with flame orange highlights and burnt brown wing markings, this Painted skimmer dragonfly (Libellula semifasciata) held tight to the top of a swamp stick for a while before continuing on its way.

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4 Responses to Firelit alighter

  1. fifteenacres says:

    Great photo! I’ve been trying to photograph dragonflies here, and it is very difficult to do. Beautiful capture of a interestingly coloured dragonfly. Ours seem to be either blue or yellow.

    • Thanks! Yes, they dart around so much it’s sometimes hard to get a decent picture; just have to wait and hope they land somewhere nearby. I don’t think I had seen this type before — I see green darners and whitetail skimmers more frequently around here.

  2. rdwaters says:

    I keep trying to capture a dragonfly on camera and it certainly is difficult. I am going to try again this weekend. Nice photo.

    • Thanks Randy! I’ve mostly just gotten lucky by happening to be near whatever stick they land on — or noticing where they frequent. Last year, for instance, I kept seeing green darners on the winged sumac berries. Don’t know what the attraction was, but they were consistently around.

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