Trolling for wildflowers

Lily above the valley

Lily above the valley

Quite unexpectedly came across a lovely patch of yellow wildflowers growing along a ridge trail that rises above Swimming River Reservoir.

I believe these are Trout lilies (perhaps Erythronium americanum), apparently so named due to the mottled coloring of the leaves.

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2 Responses to Trolling for wildflowers

  1. Yep, definitely looks like a trout lily! They’re not quite in bloom here where I live (mid-Maryland) but there’s lots of other things up and saying hello. Nice find!

    • Thanks dirtscribbler — I was happy to see them as well. Almost missed them because it was a fairly small group, but luckily I looked down at the right time. Didn’t know what they were until I got home & did a little research; I’m glad you think that’s the right identification, too. Thanks for the comment.

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