Parasitic spaghetti

Not so silly string

Not so silly string

This tangle of bright orange vines was draped over part of a large hedge that lines one of the creeks in the park.

Although it looks innocuous enough — as if someone had tossed out a big pot of spaghetti — the dodder vine (Cuscuta) is a parasite. Having no chlorophyll, it depends on its host plant(s) for its nutrients.

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4 Responses to Parasitic spaghetti

  1. Interesting! I’ve never seen anything like that!

    • Yeah, I hadn’t either — at least I thought I hadn’t. But then after I noticed this patch, I started seeing it in a few other places in the park. Maybe it was just the larger amount in this case that made it jump out. I’ve probably seen smaller amounts of it before without really noticing.

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