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Spud in the mud

Not sure I’ve seen this plant before, but I think it’s Apios americana, also called Groundnut — or better still — Potato bean. Apparently it produces both edible pods and tubers. This vine was growing in a damp area by … Continue reading

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Floral stranglehold

The orange parasitic pasta vine first noticed at the beginning of the month is now in bloom. In what could be seen as a Dada-esque move, it adorns its host plant with incongruously sweet little flowers while continuing to draw … Continue reading

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Soggy Bottom Boy (or Girl)

I may have startled this little guy into the water, since I heard a frog-sized splash not long before taking this. Looks like a northern green frog (Rana clamitans melanota). I like its big ball-bearing eyes and trendy leopard-skin tights.

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Dayflower power

One person’s invasive weed is another’s beautiful blue wildflower, an Asiatic dayflower (Commelina communis) in this case. A ubiquitous and annoying annual to some, it can be transformed into something more majestic by just focusing on one bloom at a … Continue reading

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Geodesic fruit

A spiky red fruit, which I think is of a Kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa), is war and peace in micro. From a passive point of view, it might resemble a soft geodesic sphere (or even a crunchberry). From a more … Continue reading

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Veiled threat

Just happened to be looking in the right place at the right time to notice this stealth individual. Well hidden among the leaves, it registers as both creepy and elegant while seeking its breakfast of other bugs. It may be … Continue reading

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Striking gold

Couldn’t help but think of Carl Sagan’s “billions and billions of stars” when taking a closer look at this goldenrod (Solidago), which was growing not far from the cattails. Its yellow rays blazed even brighter against the backdrop of a … Continue reading

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