Paddle to the C(actus)

Desert delights

Desert delights

In the sandier sections of Weltz park, cactus paddles (prickly pears, perhaps) nestle together like flat painted eggs, speckled with purple dye droplets and striped with pale aqua ribbons. Here and there, a few wear festive red-paper-party-hat flowers.

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2 Responses to Paddle to the C(actus)

  1. Phyl says:

    Wow. You come across such an amazing variety of plants on your walks!

  2. Yes, it was quite a surprise the first time we came across that cactus patch. Even though that park is probably only a couple of miles from the shore, somehow a sandy, desert-like section was unexpected & seemed like an alien landscape there. Most of those cactus plants are in that sandy area, although I’ve since noticed a few in other parts of the park as well — even in a wooded area.

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