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The Wonderful World of Woodchucks

This area is chock full of ‘chucks. Woodchucks, groundhogs, whistle pigs, root hogs, Marmota monax; call them what you will. This is ‘Edgy’, so named because he lives at the edge of one of the open fields of the park. … Continue reading

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The Fruity Red Planet

This soft-prickled strawberry floats in its leafy green galaxy, appealing to the eye if not the taste. It may not be the same species remembered fondly by an old Swedish professor, but it’s a flashy specimen nonetheless.

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The Old Man and the Tree

This mottled tree trunk struck me as the torso of an old man — reclining slightly, with taut yet wrinkled grey skin and a volcanic mouth hooting out his song. (A smaller volcano erupts from his lower right ribcage.) May … Continue reading

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Paddle to the C(actus)

In the sandier sections of Weltz park, cactus paddles (prickly pears, perhaps) nestle together like flat painted eggs, speckled with purple dye droplets and striped with pale aqua ribbons. Here and there, a few wear festive red-paper-party-hat flowers.

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Honey buds

A few weeks ago, bumpy little buds were just starting to sprout on this Shademaster honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos inermis ‘Shademester’).

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Some kind of white fungus sprouting from this tree like seashells along a driftwood beach.

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Spindly sentinels

These thin spring gingko leaves are posted at intervals along their branches like wispy barbed wired, standing alert for insect intruders and bird interlopers. Gingko biloba ‘Princeton Sentry’ (Princeton Sentry maidenhair tree).

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