Fantail primp

Clean sweeper

Still damp from its bath, a Song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) perched & preened on a stick.

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This is Spiny Cap


A prickly plethora of large Yellow thistle (Cirsium horridium) lined some of the boardwalk paths over the marshy sections at Cape May Point State Park.

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Little warbler is the Prairie

Small ol’ bird (with) eye liner …

… don’t want my bugs too far away

Prairie warblers (Setophaga discolor) were doing a fairly thorough job of scouring the trees for insect edibles, the leaves painting their yellow feathers with a touch of light green.

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Wichety lineman

So hello Yellowthroat Rogue

Where the birds of variety prowl

A cheerful sound of the summer to come, the ‘wichety-wichety-wichety’ song of the male Common yellowthroat could be heard along several of the paths in Weltz Park.

Most of the little bandit-masked fellows were heard but not seen, keeping hidden among the tall grasses and low bushes. Only one outgoing chap was cooperative enough to perch along an exposed branch for a while.

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Velvet blue

Black and blue . . .

. . . beauties

Tiny Eastern tailed-blue butterflies wafted around the meadow like pieces of cobalt confetti.

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Attention, K(estrel)-mart shopper

The Small-trees Falcon

A cute but deadly hunter, this male American kestrel (Falco sparverius) watched alertly from the top of various short trees around a meadow scanning for tiny food stuffs to fill his lunch cart.

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Juxtaposed swamp meet

Purple punctuation

An attractive Skunk cabbage — bright green with a plum-colored comma-like accent — provided a sharp contrast with the less appealing bog water it was growing in.

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