Northern flights

Wings are looking up

Searching the Spring tree tassles for tiny insects, in a bit of turnabout, this Northern Parula may have gotten its own taste of ‘warbler’s neck’ discomfort.

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Theloneliest Munk

Letting the chip sit where he may

This little Eastern chipmunk may not be lonely at all. He/she just happened to be sitting alone on the edge of one of the main paths at Weltz Park.

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See sawfly

Wasp-like wanderer

A small sawfly (perhaps in the Tenthredininae family) marched all over the much larger leaves of a milkweed plant, here exploring the area near the pink-purple midrib of the leaf.

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The Red and the Black

Sing cherry

A lone male Scarlet tanager poked about in the woods for a bit. When he moved from branch to branch, it took some looking to find him again despite his blazing red & black jacket.

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Let a ‘shroom be your umbrella

Center spotdark

Just waiting to embellish an exotic cocktail, these umbrella-shaped mushrooms chose the middle of a woodchip path to come up. Might be in the genus Parasola (perhaps Parasola auricoma).

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Magnolia P.I. – Bug Hunter

Striped tease

Looking for insects that might be lurking among the pollen-filled fringe, this Magnolia warbler was nice enough to sit & pose in between bites.

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Creepy floor show


Apparently intent on inspecting the sandy woodland floor, this Yellowjacket crawled along slowly and didn’t seem interested in stinging passersby for the moment.

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