Once again, the hardy Snowdrop makes its appearance during an almost-Spring snowfall. Despite the icy environs, a few dewy drops of snowmelt hinted at warmer times to come.

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Deer prudence

Her herd

Well off the main path and back into the woods, a small herd of White-tailed does looked at us with caution but not too much alarm. Two larger bucks stood just off to the right.

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The Short and Winding Road

White Line Freezer

Patches of park ice were scattered throughout the woods in the now rootless depressions of fallen trees, their surfaces etched with lines and showing pockets of trapped air. In this case, it was like looking down at a curvy two-lane road through an overcast antique-glass sky.

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The face of winter

Sleepy hollow

The wrinkled surface, lichen patches, and broken bark hollows of this weathered tree suggested a rather forlorn — or perhaps just sleepy — face surveying the snow-covered woods that surrounded it.

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… and a park ridge with a pear-shaped tree-like thing

Forest floor fruit

Growing along one of the hillier trails in the park, one clump of bright green moss suggested both a plump pear and a rather squatty evergreen.

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Northeast Passage

U are there

Perpendicular to one of the straight paved paths of the park, a natural dirt trail traces a horseshoe-shaped meander through the Fall woods. This leg of the shoe follows a narrow creek.

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The Short Blond Caterpillar with One Black Stripe

Furry Finger of Fall

Perhaps looking for a suitable spot to transform, this heavily filamented Fall webworm caterpillar (Hyphantria cunea) was making its way across what must’ve seemed a vast expanse of paved pathway.

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